Into the daylight (at last!)

Finally, the rain eased off long enough to roll out 60035 and 60068 ‘into the works yard’ for some photos.
There were several taken and though I’m technically not great, I hope they convey something of the presence of the engines. Natural daylight really is the making of a good image, but I really do need a better backdrop than those scabby claes pegs!

For those unfamiliar with the mechanics of this format, just click on the image for a bigger version.

iPhone photos 011iPhone photos 016iPhone photos 019iPhone photos 022


Brassmasters A3 bits

iPhone photos 024iPhone photos 022Brassmasters A3 bits

I’ve not been idle these past few days and hot on the heels of 60035’s additions, 60068 has been in for a refit too.
I’ve learned a useful bit of info this time however that is worth sharing if you’re not already aware of what now seems obvious to me! This time I assembled the front steps with the main etch still attached to the fret. This led to a marked reduction of both assembly time and agricultural vocabulary and I’ll retain this knowledge ‘upstairs’ for all similar sub-assemblies – it really was a pleasantly surprising revelation even if it now appears to have been hiding in plain sight!
A little bit of prior thought increases the user-friendliness of these products tenfold!

Also seen here is an overview of current projects on the bench. The A4 is now on its way to a new home in Staffordshire and both A3s will be ready soon. Lurking in the background are a short string of Lowfits bearing brand new (1965) Fergie 135 tractors for my transition period traffic and also for 1956, an Army Bedford 3 Tonner on a Lowmac. Actually, a Warwell would probably be more fitting, so this particular combo might not be permanent. I was thinking of putting a Drott BT6D on it, ostensibly for engineers’ use but that idea needs a bit more research.

Happy New Year from the Kennel





As we build up steam and head into a new year, I’d like to wish all my friends, family and followers the happiest of new years. 

A new year is also a good moment to take stock of your modelling efforts for the year and entertain some thoughts about projects for the 12 months ahead.

I’m mulling a few ideas around at the moment and although I’ll go over these in finer detail in a subsequent post, I’m thinking along the lines of bashing a couple of Hornby Gresleys into variants more suitable for 1950s Waverley Route services.

Additionally, I want to make some progress on a scenic display using the Bachmann engine shed elements, complete my long-stalled D30 and get busy with y recently acquired NB Models N15 tank.

In the meantime, enjoy the night if you’re staying up. I’m enjoying a nice Auchentoshan then hitting the sack so I can make the most of tomorrow!

If the weather bucks recent trends I may have a trip up to Whitrope, one of a number over the next week or so as the 44th anniversary of the Waverley’s long sleep approaches. This year will have a special air about as it as we ponder the return of a wee train and the promise of a big train to the north of us in the next two years. The future bids well in that respect.