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Pickersgill update

Lining is now completed. This locomotive has a fairly rare dome configuration for the mid 1950s and I’ve been unable to find a suitable lowland match. Therefore she is to become 54495 of Inverness. Actually, at close of play tonight, … Continue reading

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Dia. 1829; further.

Construction, now completed, I can lay the model aside overnight to dry. Tomorrow she can cross the workshop to the painting department. In summary; a nice, satisfying build requiring just enough attention and experience to keep it interesting in a … Continue reading

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Cambrian Diagram 1829 build.

Today I’ve had a nice afternoon and evening tackling a Cambrian kit. This is my first build to EM and depicts the LMS diagram 1829 12 ton steel van. Not a difficult build by any means but a degree of … Continue reading

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Field Measurements.

/> A trip was made to Whitrope today to take measurements of the timbers with a view to having replacement planking cut.One surprising observation was that the horizontal planking varied in depth considerably but within certain limits. On the end … Continue reading

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Gauging opinion

After some lengthy consideration about track standards I have decided to adopt EM gauge as my preferred option. Having said that, I fully intend to investigate P4 in a parallel project. Whilst there’s no doubt that P4 standards have a … Continue reading

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Coming up shortly

A period of leave is about to start and this will lead to some new entries and updates on current projects. A new sub-blog will emerge shortly called The Anatomy of a wagon; this will chart the restoration of the … Continue reading

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Pickersgill Update No2

At last, an update on progress with the Pickersgill 4-4-0! I’ve been somewhat busy with other things of late and energy has been a little sapped by the continually evolving cold that has been my constant companion from late January! … Continue reading

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