This morning I finished off the diagram 1897 van, finishing off with some weathering, firstly with Tamiya acrylics then some weathering powder by Anita Decor which I purchased at Intermodellbau in Germany five years ago. I really ought to make more use of the stuff as you can generate some interesting effects with it, particularly on vans for some reason. Suitably impressed with the finish I then applied it retrospectively to the steel-bodied van, still loitering with intent on the bench and also to a Bachmann LNER type that had been similarly hanging around. This was one of the ‘weathered three pack’ vehicles and therefore a good basis for further work.









Meanwhile, the Jumbo has progressed to the priming stage. Any blemishes and imperfections have now been made visible and therefore easier to rectify.




9 thoughts on “Van-tasmagoria!

  1. I can see where you’re coming from with the ends though. Largely an effect of the camera but nevertheless they’ll be getting a little more work to blend them in with the rest of the model.

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