Milepost 100

This post is my 100th on the blog and in all probability, the last of 2013; a year I’m frankly happy to see the back of for various personal reasons and I hope that I can leave that baggage behind as we venture into a new year that holds potential for good things.
I’ve been around here too long to succumb to blind optimism but maybe, just maybe my cynicism may be proved wrong. For once it would be great to be wrong! 😉

Anyway, I’m tying up all the scrag-end jobs that have been lurking on the bench in the interests of starting with a clean sheet in the New Year, so some incomplete wagons have been getting the treatment.
The hopper and LowMac have been skulking in the background throughout the Era of Stagnation from 2010!
I’m putting that right just now as you can see in this instance.
I’m not truly happy with the finish but as it was largely the result of accident and unlikely to be improved upon I’ll accept it as is.



Meantime, the relatively recent arrival of the Hornby ex-LMS type CCT has been receiving treatment such as re-wheeling to EM, replacement of the massively underwhelming buffers and the addition of another 35 grams of weight!
The base for the finish here was the basic livery as supplied which apparently is merely the bare plastic.
I also replaced the rain strips which just looked odd. Mine are still crap but significantly more natural look ing than the supplied offering.


So things are moving along slowly here; I have twelve days off from Thursday in which to gather some steam and hopefully get 2014 off to a useful start.
Looking back, it’s surprising how quickly we have reached 100 posts but I hope we’ll be marking 200 before long.
I’m hoping that the new year will bring new hope, energy and purpose for all my friends but until then, Jack and Victor would like to pass on this special message to the year just gone…



Jumbo victory!









I am pleased to report the final completion of Jumbo 57375 as she is now known.

All the major work is now complete. Coupling links and loco-tender coupling await but she is otherwise complete at last.
It’s been a long, hard road but here we are at the end. Perseverance has borne the sweet fruit of victory.
Who would have thought such a basic model would have thrown such obstacles and offered so much resistance?
It has certainly been a model that has taught me a great deal that can be put to good use in future projects.
As in other aspects of my life, finishing the project now as we reach the end of the year draws the line under a phase that has lasted four or five years where things have occasionally lacked direction and proceeded in a stop-start manner. That can be extrapolated beyond the workbench to a major degree also but the Jumbo has brought that cycle to a close in a satisfactory manner.
I’m rather pleased with her appearance and in 2015 you will have the opportunity to see her in operation on Culreoch, bullying various wagons around!
Right now though, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy looking at my first EM gauge locomotive. Although back in the day, this model was started in OO for the notion I had of an east Central Belt project by the name of Inchkennet, here she is ready for a career in ‘south west Scotland’.
I know somebody who can’t wait to see her there!

Jumbo nears the finish line.



Structural work is largely complete on the Jumbo now and attention turns to the cosmetic. The last two evenings have been spent applying Archers rivets in the approximate arrangement seen on these machines. The vac pipes have been fitted and numbers/crests applied. I have also glued paper punch bosses onto the axle nuts which vastly improves the appearance along with some paint applied.
The real magic is yet to come as I wield the airbrush and other media to bring this wee beastie to life proper over the next few days.
Stay tuned!

Service Announcement.

Folks. Sorry it’s been a bit quiet here this week but it’s simply that time of year.
I don’t really get on with midwinter, especially when the wind’s blowing gloom and wet from the south west.
Between that and the long hours/working environment I have a major loss of energy and ability to be bothered doing much at the moment.
I think bears have the right idea personally!
Notwithstanding, normal service will resume in about two weeks once the festivities are out of the way and I prepare for the oncoming year.
Meantime, I will put updates on should I be in a position to get any kind of modelling done.
This week, I have advanced the Jumbo slightly with the addition of the Westinghouse pump on the Fireman’s side. This will be followed by the pipe runs along the loco and tender footplate edge, installation of vac bags on the buffer beam and the representation of rivets where required.
Final job will be attending to some issues in the cab.
Thereafter; the joy of finishing!




You’ve seen the model, now meet the real(ish) thing.

Hot on the heels of the 1/76 Bachmann model comes the 10000 group with their on-going quest to build a full size operational replica of this pioneering British diesel loco.
The project is progressing well and I genuinely do wish them luck; I’d love to be around long enough to see it standing beside 77021 on one of our heritage lines!
Follow the loco’s development through the link below.