Shaking the bucket

Being confronted with some expensive car repairs has forced a reassessment of my modelling priorities and I’ve decided that all equipment that is not directly of use on Broomloan Yard or Culreoch is going.
Below is the first wave of items.









Only D55 and 45120 have seen any kind of action and all the rest are as new, never having been run.
I’m looking for £65 for the lightweights. All the other diesels and the Fairburn are £50 each. I suggest £5 postage for first class or £8 for special delivery. I’ll make up any difference myself. There will be more locos, stock etc to come later. I feel this is a good moment to downsize!


37 responses to “Shaking the bucket”

  1. Hi Dave

    Can I get back to you on the green DLW? Might be good for moor street but I need to ask the guys

    I’ll get back to you today if that’s ok?


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    1. Still here if you want it Jim. I’ll stick your name on it, pending confirmation.

    2. Any word from the Moor Street guys, Jim?

  2. Dave I will take the class 45 D95 if still available please pete

    1. Very fortunately I actually have two, Dave so no problem, one is yours.

      1. Hi Dave,
        If you have 2 xD95 I will take them both. Let me know the total payment and method. In the past I know you have taken payment by paypal (gift).

        Cheers Pete

      2. Thanks Pete but somebody else wanted the other. I was going to keep one but I didn’t want to disappoint anybody! Is there anything else you can use?😊


      3. Hi Dave,
        Nothing more from the present models, however if I have read you right , you intend to sell some more of your stock. I feel like a vulture.

        cheers Pete

      4. All going to a good home, Pete. Have wagons, vans and coaches too. Need any 45 ton tanks or the like?

      5. Hi Dave,
        What are the coaches please ?


      6. Pete. I have some maroon and also blue grey Mk1s to spare including two blue grey sleepers (1st and 2nd)

      7. Dave,
        I’m interested in the maoon mk1s.


  3. Peaks, meh. Don’t be showing me cheap Peaks now 😉

    1. Oh, haven’t you come to a bad place, sir!😄

  4. Hi Dave,
    If the Class 46 is still available I’ll take it off your hands.


      1. Thanks Dave,
        let me know your e-mail (I lost it when my last computer died) and I’ll paypal straight away.


  5. Same for me Dave as well, let me have your e mail and I’ll paypal too.

    Cheers Pete

    1. OK lads, the address you need is
      Pete; the Mk1s are a BSK, CK, SO and RFO. The roof ribs have been reduced on both. Some basic weathering has been applied but they could use a wee bit more. Say £12 each for these?

      1. Dave,
        I’ll take the CK and SO if that is alright. Let me know the total cost including postage and i will paypal for you.

        Thanks Pete

      2. Cheers Pete. Shall we call it £80 then!

      3. Thats fine Dave,
        Just off to the pub now so I will send the paypal off in the morning.

        Cheers Pete

      4. Morning Dave,
        Hopefully money should be in your account.

        Thanks Pete

  6. Hi Dave,
    Any update on models ETA ?

    Cheers Pete

    1. Hi Pete. I’m just parcelling them up now. Had to take some WRHA items to Whitrope yesterday and the car’s been in for its MoT all day. Now playing catch-up!

      1. Hi Dave,
        Thanks for that. Did it pass ?


      2. Yep. Cost far less than feared too!😊

  7. Hi Dave, bit late to this but worth the question – is the Blue DLW still available? What blue grey mk1s are still available


    1. Aye, it’s still here if you want it, Graham. Still a few blue and greys here too, I’ll need to look later to confirm types. Any preference?

      1. Ok great. Brake types, BG or perhaps BCK mostly but maybe a TSO? I’ll happily take the Lightweight if that’s OK.

    2. Graham, I’ve checked the Mk1s. I have the following available. 3 x BSK, 3 x CK, one each of BCK, SK, FK and BG plus 2 x SO.

      1. Ohh, quite a selection. Would you be OK parting with a BSK, CK, SO and the BG plus DLW? If happy and know the total, let me know and will send a PayPal transfer.

  8. Sure, I’ll let you know about the coaches later. Pretty sure I can help.

  9. That’s fine Graham. Shall we say £120 including postage? I’ll get them away on Tuesday then.

      1. Thanks, Graham. Paypal notification arrived. 😊

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