Shaking the bucket

Being confronted with some expensive car repairs has forced a reassessment of my modelling priorities and I’ve decided that all equipment that is not directly of use on Broomloan Yard or Culreoch is going.
Below is the first wave of items.









Only D55 and 45120 have seen any kind of action and all the rest are as new, never having been run.
I’m looking for £65 for the lightweights. All the other diesels and the Fairburn are £50 each. I suggest £5 postage for first class or £8 for special delivery. I’ll make up any difference myself. There will be more locos, stock etc to come later. I feel this is a good moment to downsize!

37 thoughts on “Shaking the bucket

  1. Hi Dave

    Can I get back to you on the green DLW? Might be good for moor street but I need to ask the guys

    I’ll get back to you today if that’s ok?


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