Another visit to Wharfeside

I took another trip up to visit the lads at the ScRSG in Glasgow today and spent much of the afternoon on Dave Franks’ Wharfeside layout. I was able to test a couple of locos including the 782 which, after minor adjustment performed exactly as intended. She’ll be perfectly happy worrying plate wagons in Broomloan Yard. r


Afterwards, an enjoyable meal was had with Ian and Jamie of Culreoch.
Not a bad day. And now, back southwards to 12A!


Bounding Onward!

Since yesterday I’ve done a fair bit more to the 2P including the difficult task of getting the firebox mounted.
This also meant that I had to shim the smokebox saddle up by 1.75mm to maintain the correct pitch of the boiler. It was then I realised that I also had to somehow reproduce the channel in which the reversing lever is situated. In the end a very rudimentary process was used which involved scribing the boundary of the recess, using the splasher as a guide.
A series of holes were then drilled and opened out into a slot, being cleaned up by needle file.
A backing piece was then attached from inside, made from scrap. It’s a bit crude but when the reverser arm’s in place it shouldn’t be noticeable to any meaningful degree.




Having sorted all that out, I then tackled the buffer beam and attached the dome.
I’m still looking for a suitable chimney casting and this dome isn’t perfect so I may yet replace it. There’s no denying it, though, the model is beginning to look rather like its intended subject.>



More 2P sub assemblies

Before work today, I grabbed a couple of hours at the bench and surprised myself with the progress made. Cab splashers applied, firebox and boiler/smokebox fabricated. Whilst these are relatively simple shapes in terms of the Fowler design, I suspect the real challenge will be mounting the sub assemblies squarely in relation to one another.


Jamieson Fowler 2P kit

Last week I found this very old nickel silver Jameson kit for an LMS 2P 4-4-0 on line.
These kits are old and basic bit there’s something pleasing about the very simplicity of them – essentially it’s a scratch-build aid although there’s some basic pre-forming.



To go beneath the loco I am going to use a Comet chassis which, if I master the correct use of the High Level jig, will be fitted with CSB suspension.
Drive is going to be from a Mashima 1424 and a High Level Roadrunner plus gearbox.





During construction I will be referring to the old Roche drawing and Guy Williams’ 1979 title ‘Model Locomotive construction in 4mm Scale’, which is probably going to provide useful help with basic fabrication and detailing skills, bearing in mind the 1960s vintage of the Jamieson kit!

I’ve made a start on the cab and running plate and to be honest, so far it’s a lot more fun than the cast monstrosities I’ve battled with of late. I truth there are probably easier ways to a 2P these days, but this kit appealed to me and it promises to teach me much that will come in handy with more advanced kits as time goes on.

The 2P was a really handy little workhorse around South West Scotland in LMS and early BR days as photographic interpretation will testify and I couldn’t really do without one for any scenario south of Glasgow! It will be a useful machine on early period Culreoch and if Broomloan Yard encompasses passenger facilities then perhaps it will find use there also!
Either way, I’m viewing this as a challenge to see how far I can push it in terms of finesse of appearance and smoothness of performance. You’ll be able to follow all the advances and pitfalls along the way by following my blog here so please stay tuned; blogs are the future after all! 🙂


Alba Weathering and Effects

“Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man…
It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest.
Once the element of comparison is gone, pride is gone.”

C.S. Lewis.

I have never been a competitive individual in my time; if you are too busy trying to get ahead of the pack, you miss the joy of the journey.
All of us have our own sets of skills and talents; how we use them is for ourselves alone to choose.
I get satisfaction from creating a model that looks like a living, working machine in miniature.
I get enjoyment when someone looks at a model I’ve created and comments to the effect that what I’ve created is exactly how they remember such things back in the day.
Yes, I enjoy seeing my creations in…

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Followers of my humble blog are respectfully reminded that the work illustrated here was created by a non-technical person with no formal background in engineering or any technical subject.
I understand that some people may look down upon me for this but in the era when I left school, such career paths were going off the menu at an alarming pace and the option was denied. To be considered a lesser mortal for lacking these skills is something I find deeply insulting.
Therefore I just try to get by in a post industrial workplace and have taught myself any technical and artistic skills such as are displayed here.

What you see is what you get and I really don’t give a damn if you consider me worthy or not.

I’m just happy if you enjoy what I put up here, folks!