The New Mobility


An early birthday present arrived this week in the form of a Proxxon Micromot 50EF drilling and milling machine and associated power pack.
It’s been augmented by this MB140 drill press and KT70 compound table.
Used freehand last night with a milling tool, the drill made modifying a couple of Bachmann wagon chassis for EM wheelsets an absolute dawdle.

Attached to the press and table shown here, it will perform similar wonders when it comes to opening out channels in cast axleboxes, allowing free movement of the bearings when using sprung systems such as Bill Bedford’s.

It will also make much more accurate drilling possible where opening up holes boiler mounts is required for example.

I never got the opportunity to learn the skills of the engineer, but I’m sure I can make up for that a little by learning the correct use of this equipment.


Broomloan Yard: The fag packet sketch


Finally, I could no longer avoid the elephant in the room (no cheap Jumbo related gags, please) and decided it was time that I tried to bring some substance to the Broomloan Yard project. First thing I’ve done was to rough up some sketches based on the track plan as observed from the aerial photograph I posted with the kind permission of the Urban Glasgow forum.
After a few ‘roughies’ I drew up this not-to-scale to provide a basic configuration that can be evaluated and developed as observations require. Already it’s been pointed out (thanks, Ian) that I will actually need two roads ‘under the wire’ as running round returned wagons might otherwise present a somewhat obvious (in hindsight!) problem for the shipyard loco.
Still, wee things like that are the reason we provide rough drawings for such projects; it minimises the risk of making an arse of yourself with the finished item!

Been a bit quiet here of late…


…but I’ll be putting that right over the next few days. I’ve been busy attending shows and group meets but mostly preparing models for others.
This is essentially to clear the decks in preparation for my first tentative efforts in making the transition to providing a professional finish and effects service.
All new ground for me and throwing up a whole new set of challenges. I also have a couple of wagon kits and projects to show too so there will certainly be more to see on the blog over the next week; including this! Continue reading

Iain MacIntosh – ‘Milepost 72 1/4’


I’m not sure how the image will reproduce here but once again, Iain has been waving his magic pencils to create this impressive image of St Margarets-based A3, No60100 Spearmint powering northwards out of Newcastleton past Sandholm on a Kingmoor-Millerhill transfer during her last summer of service in 1965.
Iain’s creation really captures the essence of the twilight of big east coast steam on the Waverley Route.

Incremental Improvements

BlackandDecker Boy has produced a week work of art with this 1970s era Ayrshire colliery layout. Even the sky backdrop is perfect West of Scotland weather!

Kirkmellington - a journey into EM

Kirkmellington is all set up and running for the 50th Rochdale MRG exhibition this weekend. We have a few improvements for this show: The new photo backscene has been installed and looks good, far better than the grey curtain. The facia boards to the lighting units have also been delivered and set up and also look good. You could be mistaken it is actually looking like an exhibition layout!!


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Iain MacIntosh – Over the Border.

Mac has added another amazing drawing to his burgeoning portfolio today.
This time we have a low level view of The Waverley express speeding south through Kershopefoot Station, having just crossed the border, circa 1963.
Not the most heavily photographed location on the Waverley Route, certainly from this aspect but Kershopefoot is to this day an attractive spot if rather overgrown where the railway once ran.
Iain has a full programme of addition works planned right now and should he release any more preview images in the future I’ll give you the heads up here.