The Beast


This behemoth has been sat idle in the Kennel for two years whilst I pondered whether a suitable step down could be found to adapt it for airbrush use.

Thanks then due to my mate, Jon Hunt who unexpectedly came up with something suitable the other day.
This really is a step change in how I work and the increased air capacity and adjustable working pressures are really bringing out the potential of my airbrush. With two outlet valves I can now keep two brushes on standby for acrylic and enamel work respectively. I’ve already experimented on a couple of models this evening. I’ll photograph them in better light this week, but there are notable improvements.
I expect I’ll need to attach moisture traps though.

One thing on my mind of late is that I may finally need to separate my building and painting activities. I have a number of jobs requested by friends for weathering and construction so I’m considering re-jigging my spare room so that the less messy parts of building can take place there.

In any case, with the work space being directly in front of an opening window, it’ll probably be more H&S friendly to do my soldering there with an open window for the fumes to drift out!
Not only that, but it will be a more pleasant spot to work on a cold winter’s evening. This is the only good photo of one of the guinea pig wagons I played with tonight!


There’s still a lot of re-ordering and a bit of redecorating to be done in the room but this is what the business end looks like!


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