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Hot Rodding on a Wednesday!

Sheet 2 of the J27 concluded tonight with the assembly and fitting of the coupling rods. The only additional tools beyond the soldering irons were a cocktail stick and wooden clothes peg, used to align and clamp each laminated rod … Continue reading

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Christmas Comes Early

Originally posted on Portwilliam:
Well not really, but it’s more acceptable title than “D’you wanna see my etchings ?” which was my first idea ! This lot dropped on the mat this week, having learnt that 247 was discontinuing carriage…

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Further on down the tracks now

While I took the evening off tonight, I continued with sheet 2 of the J27 instructions the previous evening, attaching finer details like the leaf springs and guard irons. Pete devised a rather nice method of mounting these; corresponding holes … Continue reading

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Ten reasons why reducing automobile dependency makes sense

Originally posted on reviewanew:
Like many places throughout the world, Australian cities’ transport systems are dominated by the private car. The car has offered unprecedented flexibility and reach in our personal mobility and dominated the form and lifestyles in cities…

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Parallel Lines

Since it was the weekend, I’ve taken a little time out from the R Class to advance a project that’s been waiting in the wings a long time. The second kit I built after entering the builders’ world properly in … Continue reading

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London Road Models NBR ‘R’ Class

I’ve been asked by a friend to build one of these kits. In truth, this is the first wholly etched kit I’ve had the bottle to tackle but so far, not too bad. The loco kit is an old Ian … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement

I’ve met people starting to panic for ridiculous nonsense again. It’s a serious situation and we must hope the relevant medical teams do their job well. Nevertheless, this simple guide may be of some help to those of you who…

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