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ALB-005 & 006

Originally posted on Alba Weathering and Effects:
Two O Gauge Heljan Class 52 locomotives recently completed. Finally, there’s sufficient daylight to make outside photography practical again!

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You’re Worth It

More joviality from Scotland’s own Greg Moodie. 😊

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Greece, Scotland and Hope

Originally posted on Grouse Beater:
? Symbols of hope For those like me still suffering sorrow and anger over a lost opportunity to secure ‘once in a lifetime’ empowerment, denied by people happy to leave Scotland’s fate in the hands of…

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I almost forgot…

In all the excitement of the build up to Model Rail last week I forgot to mention that I’d paid a visit to the guys on the Monday which gave me an opportunity to test the J39. Apart from the … Continue reading

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Let’s end the reign of the Little Tin Gods

Originally posted on A wee Sovereign Scot:
I cannot stand local politics, there, I’ve said it out loud.  I need the council to empty my bins and keep the street clean and well lit and free of potholes.  I also…

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Captain’s Log, Stardate; WTF?

As someone who’s been following Scottish politics since the great independence debate took off in 2011-12, I’m pretty used to ill-informed, bat-shit craziness by now but I have to say that this post, spotted on a well-known UK model railway … Continue reading

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#Filmpoem: Lochmill in Two Weathers by Kyra Clegg & Kathleen Jamie

It’s good to see that small, local land ownership initiatives like this are starting to take place in Scotland. A welcome development.

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