57 Years since launch of the classic Mini.

A significant date that I had admittedly forgotten about. Well done to Nigel for this wee salute!


Manky Minerals


As part of what is becoming known as Project 77, I have turned out the first of what promises to be a fair few 16t mineral wagons in battered and careworn 1970s condition.

I experimented with some new elements with this pair and whilst I’m not 100% happy with the result it does have promise for further development. If nothing else it should broaden my skills base since I’ve not focused so closely on wagon effects up to now.

The base model is Bachmann’s and they are helpfully offering the version without top-flap doors right now even though the catalogue liveries are incorrect for this version. That point is academic for our purposes here since the wagons are re-liveried. The brake gear is also modified and the area behind the axleguards modified to accommodate EM wheelsets.

It’s a start anyway!

Southern Boogie



Things have picked up a fair bit of late and these two models have just been finished.

Both are Bachmann OO base models with the C Class being turned out as DS 240; in reality a stationary boiler at Ashford in 1965-66 but with licence taken to assume that she had a brief period as a works shunters or similar.

The second model portrays Nine Elms’ 3MT tank no 82023 in 1966 condition.


Hope you like them!