There is No Tory Government and Scotland is already Independent.

I have pondered Barrheadboy’s thoughts myself on a daily basis for some time now.

Barrhead Boy

I am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful house in an idyllic location of the world,halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona in Catalonia,it is a lovely villa 1 1/2 kil. up in the hills with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean.

I have this very unusual vista which all of the visitors to our home have seen and been as amazed as I am every day when I look down from my terrace towards the sea.

You see we have an optical illusion,I think it is something to do with the curvature of the earth that makes it look as if the sea is actually above my home, not over 1km below me,I call it my tsunami.

The first time I noticed it, it really did take me by surprise,it was one of those WTF Moments?

Today,like every other day,I will take my cup of coffee first thing in the…

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