Stop Funding Madness

Despair might seem like the most natural – possibly only – response to the conveyer belt of crises coming at us all. So much so that it’s easy to …

Stop Funding Madness

One response to “Stop Funding Madness”

  1. Sorry Dave, but what a load of rubbish. What#’s the first thing to do to bring down the Tories and wreck Brexit? Become a vegan. That’s really great for Scottish farmers who are going to need all the support they can get = vegans I know rely to a large extent on impiorted foodstuffs. Secondly? Withold as much tax as you can. That’s potantially a disaster for health, education and social welfare- you can bet it’ll be expenditure on things like these that the Tory government will cut first if funds begin to dry up.

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