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Scotsman in exile. Lover of Scotland's railways, land, people and culture. Always got an ear for new and interesting music. Politically of the left and most definitely repelled by the shallow and narcissistic. An unlikely jazz-cat mod rocker with punk tendencies; a bit 1968, a bit 1977 with a distracting overdub of 1958... Most often found outdoors with my four legged buddy!

Blood’s A Rover

Originally posted on Wee Ginger Dug:
The Wee Ginger Fundraiser has exceeded its target by an amazing amount, so it’s only right that I give some space to some other projects which are worthy of consideration and support. We all…

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All Stop!

Today sees me starting (after a slightly alarming bureaucratic glitch-quickly resolved!) two weeks’ holiday. Nothing booked in terms of going away due to only being back in full time work since April so I’m going to just play it by … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Fig and Pen:
Still one of my favourite shots. Taken with an iPhone from the passenger window of a moving vehicle.

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Meeting Nicola

Originally posted on Grouse Beater:
Nicola Sturgeon – First Minister of Scotland Readers hoping for gossip will be sorely disappointed. I’m about to describe the events that took place before and after meeting our admired First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, (for…

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Good things come to he who waits…

As previously mentioned I attended the Perth Model Railway Show today; arguably the best show in Scotland today and always worth the trip. I had a particular reason for looking forward to this year’s show as a long-anticipated book had … Continue reading

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Vintage Pair

  Finally! Some modelling interest!   It’s long been a plan of mine to fill one of my display cases with examples of Scotland’s once extensive railway equipment output. Above are two recently arrived models, both of great significance. The … Continue reading

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Emergency appeal: malicious attack on pro-JC campaigner

Originally posted on The SKWAWKBOX:
Pro-Corbyn blogger @Rachael_Swindon is one of the most tireless campaigners for Labour, Corbyn and a fairer society that you’ll ever find. As well as blogging and creating some of the strongest memes to support Labour’s message, she…

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