Max Stafford’s Kennel

St Clements Yard.

After all those years of ideas without a place to build them in, the move last year finally made some material action possible. One of the selling points of the new place was a fully equipped loft which met my needs perfectly. The next stage was to assess the available space, weighing that against my […]

And then one day you find…

I was sitting here pondering a blog post when it occurred to me that in November it will be TEN years since I started this blog and whilst I won’t be indulging in any concerted navel gazing in respect of this milestone, I don’t think a moment of reflection is totally out of order when […]

Bangernomics as a modelling philosophy.

I’m sat writing this on my sofa in Bervie on a cold night in late November, having finally settled in the place I feel I belong. Northern winters are long, dark and cold but when you live in the kind of place I do with the sea close by, the stunning land and seascapes of […]