Max Stafford’s Kennel

Other interests.

In the last year or so before my move home as I was packing most of my model stuff up and stashing it at a forward location in Scotland, it occurred to me that I still wanted something to do modelling wise. I ended up doing a couple of plastic kits, much as I did […]

Bits and pieces.

I’ve just had a couple of days off and used it to get a few things done. First off, I was down at Montrose to get the car a major service. Long needed but now she feels like a new motor! Anyway, I had a whole morning to kill in Montrose so I spent a […]

St Clements Yard.

After all those years of ideas without a place to build them in, the move last year finally made some material action possible. One of the selling points of the new place was a fully equipped loft which met my needs perfectly. The next stage was to assess the available space, weighing that against my […]