Winter wonderland

A short notice track weekend has seen the stock siding up at Whitrope receive additional sleepers, sufficient to make it operational when required next year.
Whitrope has a very seasonal coating of snow this week and looks wonderful. I have come to the conclusion that autumn and winter are the Waverley’s defining seasons. It’s sending me off into some interesting modelling notions for when layout time arrives.
This week I’ve been attending also to Bachmann’s class 46 , No D186 as operating in 1967/8. Bachmann supply it ready weathered but I’m no great lover of factory applied weathering but it’s quite competently done for a ‘sausage machine’ job. Of course, being me, I just couldn’t stop myself attacking the model with a fibreglass pen, T Cut, washes and metalcote.
The result is before you. It would have looked superb up at Whitrope this afternoon!





One response to “Winter wonderland”

  1. Newcastleton P.Way Avatar
    Newcastleton P.Way

    Now that would look good drawing up to the home board on the Up road just outside the new signalbox.

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