Happy New Year from the Kennel





As we build up steam and head into a new year, I’d like to wish all my friends, family and followers the happiest of new years. 

A new year is also a good moment to take stock of your modelling efforts for the year and entertain some thoughts about projects for the 12 months ahead.

I’m mulling a few ideas around at the moment and although I’ll go over these in finer detail in a subsequent post, I’m thinking along the lines of bashing a couple of Hornby Gresleys into variants more suitable for 1950s Waverley Route services.

Additionally, I want to make some progress on a scenic display using the Bachmann engine shed elements, complete my long-stalled D30 and get busy with y recently acquired NB Models N15 tank.

In the meantime, enjoy the night if you’re staying up. I’m enjoying a nice Auchentoshan then hitting the sack so I can make the most of tomorrow!

If the weather bucks recent trends I may have a trip up to Whitrope, one of a number over the next week or so as the 44th anniversary of the Waverley’s long sleep approaches. This year will have a special air about as it as we ponder the return of a wee train and the promise of a big train to the north of us in the next two years. The future bids well in that respect. 



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