Brassmasters A3 bits

iPhone photos 024iPhone photos 022Brassmasters A3 bits

I’ve not been idle these past few days and hot on the heels of 60035’s additions, 60068 has been in for a refit too.
I’ve learned a useful bit of info this time however that is worth sharing if you’re not already aware of what now seems obvious to me! This time I assembled the front steps with the main etch still attached to the fret. This led to a marked reduction of both assembly time and agricultural vocabulary and I’ll retain this knowledge ‘upstairs’ for all similar sub-assemblies – it really was a pleasantly surprising revelation even if it now appears to have been hiding in plain sight!
A little bit of prior thought increases the user-friendliness of these products tenfold!

Also seen here is an overview of current projects on the bench. The A4 is now on its way to a new home in Staffordshire and both A3s will be ready soon. Lurking in the background are a short string of Lowfits bearing brand new (1965) Fergie 135 tractors for my transition period traffic and also for 1956, an Army Bedford 3 Tonner on a Lowmac. Actually, a Warwell would probably be more fitting, so this particular combo might not be permanent. I was thinking of putting a Drott BT6D on it, ostensibly for engineers’ use but that idea needs a bit more research.


2 responses to “Brassmasters A3 bits”

  1. Hi Dave.
    The Massey Ferguson 135s – are they the “key ring” tractors which I failed to source ? Or something more easy to procure. Like the sound of the Drott too !!!

    1. That’s right. I acquired these about six years ago from some on-line agricultural outfit and then lopped the key rings off!
      They could use exhaust stacks for authenticity though.

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