iPhone photos 024iPhone photos 022Brassmasters A3 bits

I’ve not been idle these past few days and hot on the heels of 60035’s additions, 60068 has been in for a refit too.
I’ve learned a useful bit of info this time however that is worth sharing if you’re not already aware of what now seems obvious to me! This time I assembled the front steps with the main etch still attached to the fret. This led to a marked reduction of both assembly time and agricultural vocabulary and I’ll retain this knowledge ‘upstairs’ for all similar sub-assemblies – it really was a pleasantly surprising revelation even if it now appears to have been hiding in plain sight!
A little bit of prior thought increases the user-friendliness of these products tenfold!

Also seen here is an overview of current projects on the bench. The A4 is now on its way to a new home in Staffordshire and both A3s will be ready soon. Lurking in the background are a short string of Lowfits bearing brand new (1965) Fergie 135 tractors for my transition period traffic and also for 1956, an Army Bedford 3 Tonner on a Lowmac. Actually, a Warwell would probably be more fitting, so this particular combo might not be permanent. I was thinking of putting a Drott BT6D on it, ostensibly for engineers’ use but that idea needs a bit more research.

Brassmasters A3 bits

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