Gauging opinion


After some lengthy consideration about track standards I have decided to adopt EM gauge as my preferred option. Having said that, I fully intend to investigate P4 in a parallel project. Whilst there’s no doubt that P4 standards have a truly beautiful finesse and really are the finest and most accurate, the type of space I have available for layout purposes requires curvature down to 36″ which is much too sharp for P4 to accommodate. Most P4 exhibition layouts are end-to-end with minimal curvature for a very good reason! This has not precluded me from joining the Scalefour Society, whose ethos of an overall consistent appearance in all aspects of modelling appeals to me strongly and though the main project will be EM, beyond the (still superior to mainstream OO) track I will be applying Scalefour standards. Additionally, I will be embarking on a small P4 project. Options for this are as yet undecided but favourite ideas currently concern scenes based on the Tweed Valley line where very short trains were the rule in the BR era apart from some notable occasions, as here.

Meanwhile, the main thrust of the EM modelling will remain the Waverley Route as before. EM being more akin to finescale OO but to a more accurate gauge can take the sharper curvature more happily.

It’s completely new territory for me and already some new EM-related track and equipment is being gathered including the first conversion kit for an existing loco.

This is a Brassmasters Easichassis conversion kit for the Bachmann A1 and will form the centrepiece of a future blog feature.

Meanwhile, please have a look at my new page – Anatomy of a wagon which will follow a full size vehicle restoration project at Whitrope.



5 responses to “Gauging opinion”

  1. I’ll be very interested to see how you get on with EM gauge. After seeing exhibition EM gauge layouts, they certainly look a lot better than 00 gauge. Good luck with the conversions, I look forward to the blog posts!

  2. Hi Dave.
    Have you joined the EM Society? There’s a pretty active group for the north east and borders. I’ve been once or twice, but friend Brian has been more often. I’m sure we could arrange some joined up travel to a meeting, if you were interested? I’m looking to do something in EM but struggling for time. Brian has plans for a new layout in EM. Similar periods but different areas of interest, but freight stock likely transferrable. Contact us off line if you fancy.

    1. These are the guys behind the lovely Kielder layout – a friendly bunch too, from those I’ve met. We’re more of a ‘sleeper cell’ here on Clydeside, than an active group I suppose!

  3. Thanks John. I’d like to take you up on that.

  4. On my new project the GE/L.N.E.R in East Anglia will be EM gauge track for more or less the same reasons .I do like Markits loco wheels because in the antipodes the steel tires have a tendency to corrode .All the best Peter

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