Urban Camouflage


During the course of my work I regularly get railside and today whilst in Kingmoor Yard I noticed this strikingly graffitied wagon in a consist of spoil wagons and vans.
Now graffiti is an emotive subject but whilst it can be a real nuisance it can’t be denied that some of it is fabulously done and it’s an inescapable element of the modern railway.
This example is a particularly interesting and eye-catching one in my opinion.
It’s almost like a disruptive camouflage scheme and would make a really distinctive and eye-catching model.
Would take a skilled hand with an airbrush to do it in 4mm or 2mm though…!

3 thoughts on “Urban Camouflage

  1. Used to see some cracking stuff on the HHA’s/HXA’s.
    Almost made you forget the demic detritous you were hauling…….

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