For sale

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Moving to EM has generated a need to return to basics in the sense that it would be folly to try and convert such a large fleet, particularly those that have already had improvement work.
In any case, such enhancements as Easichassis don’t come cheap and things, some well-loved have to go to make space.
It’s for this reasonthat I am putting some of my ‘flagships’ up for offer in the hope that they find good homes.
Listed here are A1 60159 ‘Bonnie Dundee’, A3s 60068 ‘Sir Visto’ and 60035 ‘Windsor Lad’, both of which have had finescale wheels and Brassmasters details added.
All three of these are going for £120 each, taking into account the fact they’ve had the five star treatment.
Also available is the B17 Shown or £85.
Please respond via a convenient means if interested. I’ll be offering other items such as some SMP point kits and a large number of unused 00 wagon and coach wheelsets from Markits and Gibson.

There may be more on offer including kit built rollinbg stock that can’t easily be re-gauged.


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