77021 Loco Group


A brief introduction to an embryonic group in which I’m involved. You will probably already be aware that despite several BR Standard steam designs having been saved from the slaughter of the 1960s, there were some gaps in the surviving classes. Some of these are being plugged by the Standard Locomotive Group with 72010 Hengist and the 82045 Group but that left the small class of class 3MT 2-6-0 locos out on their own. Known in the North East of England and West of Scotland as useful, if unspectacular little engines, the class never exceeded twenty in number and was extinct after1967.
Until now.

The 77021 Locomotive Group has been formed in order to address this final gap in the ranks of the BR Standards.
Being a relatively lightweight design, the 3MT would be an ideal heritage line machine and would look perfectly at home on such erstwhile haunts as the Stainmore or Aln Valley Railways for example.
It is still very early days for our group and we are literally just finding our feet but it is heartening to see the goodwill and offers of assistance that are coming in from the ‘New Build’ fraternity. For this we are truly grateful.
Whilst we don’t underestimate the enormity of the task before us, it is hoped that through time, we will reach our objective. This trail has been blazed by pioneers such as the A1 SLT and the G5 group among others and it is exciting to see such classes return from the fiery grave of the furnace.
It is our group’s hope that the 3MT 2-6-0 will also return before too many years have passed.



4 responses to “77021 Loco Group”

  1. Welcome back! I was worried you’d taken up quilting.

    1. Cheers Pete.
      Elvis is back in the building!

  2. hi Jamie writing from 118 Plummers hill St George BS5 7JJ is the new 3mt 77021 gonna have air brake fitted TPWS AWS OTMR for running on network rail plus a support coach also will he haul the Carmarthen and the Pembroke coast express’s the southern Irishman and Belfast boat express’s from Bristol temple meads to Carmarthen Pembroke dock and Fishguard harbour and return along with 70000 Britannia 70013 Oliver Cromwell 71000 duke of Gloucester 72010 Hengist 73050 city of Peterborough and 76079 pocket rocket

  3. In truth, I understand that the general concept is more aimed at heritage line operation.
    Mainline certification is an expensive business that would in all likelihood escalate construction costs considerably.
    At the moment I’m less involved with the project but as I understand, it is still active. 😊

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