Bubbling away on the back stove…

Now that the Jumbo chassis is working satisfactorily , it awaits my rest days this week before various refinements like pick-ups and brake gear are added.
Other items are currently occupying the two benches or have just done so.
Among these is this BR Diagram 1/410 twin bolster wagon, like the prototype, it’s essentially a pair of Lowfits, permanently connected by a drawbar. I believe that these were created in 1961 by pairing and converting pre-existing vehicles. I originally built this one a few years back but have just re-wheeled it for EM.

In the background you can see Britannia no 70011, formerly Hotspur, but being finished as she was when working out her last days at Kingmoor in 1967.
Records suggest she was at the head of the last steam-hauled freight service over the Waverley route in November 1967 and certainly, her sister 70022 is also on record as having hauled the last steam-hauled passenger service (2S52) in November that year.
This loco is a little further on in its progression to that heavily weathered , late transition era finish so more photos are pending. Ultimately she will be similar in appearance to 70035 here!

During the week I have also been messing about with a Bachmann class 24 that is being converted to one of the later variant with head code box.
It’s intended to finish this one as D5127, circa 1968 and you can also see that the tablet catcher recesses have been fitted.

Lastly, there’s a bit of a ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ going on whereby an unpromising collection of bits that have been lying in a box for years, have been unglued, cleaned up, and re-soldered together to provide a basic model of a Caledonian 782 class tank loco. My primary concern for now was to get this kit’s basic superstructure assembled for now. She will require a scratch built cab roof as the original is missing but that’s no major problem.
There I will leave it for the moment as I also have a brand new 782 and chassis kit which I’m going to tackle first.
It’s still satisfying to bring old models back from the dead though.





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