About time!


It’s been a while, but slowly, steadily, the bugs on the Jumbo have been getting ironed out to the point where she is running rather smoothly, given the limitations of the cheap Bachmann train set controller that serves as the test plant here. Shortly then, I’ll be adding brake blocks, permanently fixing the rods and tender then the fun of finishing the model. It’s been a long trek but a satisfactory conclusion is in sight.
This brings me conveniently to our second subject of this post; my first proper foray into RTR gauge conversion.


This Hornby Black Five is in the midst of a re-gauging and detailing exercise. Markits driving wheels with 3mm axles where used in the conversion and are pretty much a perfect fit as long as you add washers to eliminate excessive side play. The actual process is fairly simple but take care all the same; there are a few traps for the unwary; most of which I fell down anyway! You can use the original crankpin screws on the fore and aft pairs, but you need to use a Markits crank pin for the centre, cutting the mounting boss from the original wheel and cropping so that it goes over the crankpin like a sleeve and leaving the end that is shaped to accept the return crank. The return crank is then secured by soldering a Markits crankpin washer down onto the pin. Make sure the crank is seated correctly on the boss though.
Anyway, there’s some fine adjustment to be done to the running before I’m truly happy with it.


4 responses to “About time!”

  1. That Jumbo will turn into one of Inchkennet’s finest after all – it’s been a long slog!

  2. Pleased to see both nearing full running order. I’m sure you are too!

    That is by far the simplest way I’ve found of converting Hornby stuff. As you’re an EMGS member perhaps a few photos and words of your next one would give them something of interest to put in the newsletter. Unless it’s been done before.

  3. Can’t recall any EMGS conversion notes for the Hornby Black 5 so perhaps Dave could put a manual sheet together ?
    It’s good to learn that the Jumbo is coming good, having been in a similar position myself with near unbuildable kits all I can say is that it’s a brilliant feeling when you eventually reach your goal and you will have learned so much in the process.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Thanks Geoff. The Jumbo has been a real test of my mettle and once I’d got so far it was just sheer bloody-mindedness that kept me going with it.
      I’m glad I persisted though. It’s largely cosmetic work that awaits now and that’s where the true enjoyment really starts for me!

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