Waiting in the wings…

Whilst my attention has been understandably focused on the previously noted locos, I’ve continued to work on the rolling stock fleet.
The Palbrick is an old Ks lit which has been hanging round like a bad smell for two years after I made something of a balls-up of the running gear. I ultimately binned the axle guards for nice etched MJT ones. Technically, they aren’t exactly correct, being the BR heavy duty type but they are close enough for my needs at present. It waits addition of axle boxes and springs, plus new brake gear but at least it’s going somewhere now!

I’ve also swapped out the wheels on a Hornby Stanier Brake third for Gibson EMs. This was a wee bit trick and involved getting Medieval on the bogie’s ass with a Dremel. This being required to open out the channel provided for the axle to run in and also ultimately the removal of the brake shoes. Fortunately they are mounted discretely enough to minimise visual jarring though it’s doubtful I’ll get away with that on the Black Five. Gibson substitutes there I reckon!


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