Rolling my own…


Regular readers will be aware of the excellent work of Iain MacIntosh, whose work I regularly highlight on here.
I used to be a keen drawer at school thirty-five years ago and whilst I did scramble my way to an O Level, I never really built upon that. I kept my hand in for a few years afterwards though before getting bogged down in the detritus of the 1980s!
Iain’s work however has re-awakened my interest and for the last week or so, I’ve been steadily working away at this drawing, bringing the old skills into action again.
It’s amazingly therapeutic though and I can quite easily potter away for an hour after work as my brain empties of the day’s rubbish.
There’s still a great deal to be done with this first effort though and it’s very much a work in progress.
I thought I’d share it now though! 🙂


2 responses to “Rolling my own…”

  1. Lovely drawing dave, this afternoon Andrew marr was on the radio talking about how much enjoyment he gets out of sketching/doodling etc, and I thought of this entry. I may even have a go too its a long time since art A levels for me, I did geography and French too, so I can at least draw French hills properly …

    1. A fantastic way to de-clutter the brain after a busy day at work; that I can assure you of. 😊

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