Small, but perfectly formed…


Just a quick shot of two N gauge diesels being finished for a friend.
Bachmann Farish diesels are a joy to work with, being such nice delicate models.
These two are intended for a 2mm Mid-’60s Waverley Route layout.
It’s always better to exercise a bit of restraint when finishing small models like this and not cover it with massive accumulations of muck.
Subtlety is the key whatever scale but especially in the smaller scales like N.

11 thoughts on “Small, but perfectly formed…

  1. Be interested to hear more about the layout planned if pointing in the right direction is possible please?

    Outstanding work as ever too bud.
    See you Sunday.
    (they quarter miles now stand up to scrutiny by the way).


  2. Smashing work as ever Dave, I just love the colour palette that you choose to work from. To my eye it’s just bob on.
    As you say modern N gauge is really very very good, and just think of the borders landscape you could achieve in a relatively small space

    Looking forward to seeing these wee fellas back up here in central Scotland in due course.

    • Dave
      No probs, at your leisure. I’m just wondering if it might be safer to wait until post Christmas to minimise the disastrous loss of these wonderful models.
      I’m in no rush and would be happy to receive a post-Xmas package especially if it makes it easier for you as well.

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