Field Trip 1 – Supplemental

Whilst preparing the previous entry I remembered a Youtube clip from a few months back which featured footage of the line shortly before closure in 1965.

Unexpectedly, it was accompanied by an extract from the KLF’s legendary and rather rare ‘Chill Out’ album of 1989. I think it actually works rather well!

As a coincidental footnote, Bill Drummond of erstwhile outfit lived in Newton Stewart, further down the PPW in the period the film was shot which adds a bit of a poetic edge!


3 responses to “Field Trip 1 – Supplemental”

  1. Find it rather weird seeing tanks in charge of Port Road trains. I know they were used at the end, but I always thought of that as a line worked by tender engines. On an associated subject – knowing that you’re interested in big tanks in Scotland, Max – have you seen this? –

    1. I knew one or two of these had been borrowed from the LM whilst the problems with the Blue Trains were being put right, Pete, but this is the first proper photographic evidence I’ve seen of a Stanier on the North Clyde system.

      1. I also meant to say thanks, Pete!

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