Piscine in the wind?









Hornby have just released their model of the BR variant Blue Spot fish van.
These vehicles were distinguished by their long wheelbase, making it possible for individual vehicles to be marshalled in fast passenger trains if necessary.
In the second half of the 1960s as fish traffic was lost to road hauliers, many of these vehicles were adapted for use as Special Parcels vans and served well into the 1970s as such.
This prototype has been covered by a very good Parkside kit for many years now and I therefore thought it helpful to do a comparison of the two using a part built Parkside model.
It’s a funny how d’you do really. The Hornby model is competent enough but there’s little or nothing to choose between the two as far as detail is concerned. Hornby have chosen to portray the handrails on the doors and the lamp irons on the vehicle ends by moulded detail as opposed to separate fittings. The underframe is a wee bit sharper the the kit but otherwise there’s next to nothing in it. I’ve not run over either with a ruler to check if there are any dimensional issues but there are far better qualified modellers out there than me who can do such things.
The paint finish is competent if unspectacular and will benefit from further treatment.
Altogether this isn’t a bad model, but you can get the same quality model from building a Parkside kit for £1 less.
If I were the team from Kirkcaldy I wouldn’t be losing sleep and it’s difficult to see what real advantage a modeller would gain by using the Hornby model apart from some time that could be diverted to more productive means.
So; I don’t consider this a bad model in any way, just a little pointless when it’s no meaningful advance on the pre-existing kit.
Don’t let me put you off it because it’s OK for £10 but if you model a wider 4mm scale gauge you will find it easier to use the kit.


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  1. You know my general thoughts Dave; I shall report in due course…

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