Full size scratch-building.




Regular followers will know of my involvement with the 77021 Loco Group.

Since our modest beginnings just four short months ago, we’ve been starting on the way to having our first parts produced. Here you can see the first fruit’s of the group’s efforts, focused on the ‘face’ of the engine, the smokebox door. Here you can see our first part, the smokebox hinge pin, three smokebox door ‘darts’. A batch jointly produced; one for our group, one for the 82045 group and one for Ivatt 2-6-0, No 46428 which is also undergoing restoration.
Last but not least is our current piece de resistance , the outer skin of the smokebox door.
This is the first truly recognisable locomotive part and for the first time people can see that there truly is a locomotive taking shape here.
I know my fellow members are very proud and excited with this new development.
If you are as excited by the prospect of a 3MT 2-6-0 returning to existence in the heritage railway world then please follow our progress at http://www.77021.org.
Or better still join us; we have a special December-only membership deal where you can join for £10, valid until 31st August, 2014. Full details at the website.


One response to “Full size scratch-building.”

  1. A small but yet large marker. All the very best to all involved.

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