Happy New Year!

Well here, we are. 2013 has at last been consigned to the dustbin of history and a brand new year lies before us.
2014 has potential to be a truly historic year and one of great opportunity. I hope it lives up to what I and countless others hope it will.
Meantime, some low-level activity in the shed has been taking place as I try to repeat my fluky success with the 12 ton hopper.
So far, so good!





Additionally, I’ve been having a go at enhancing the Hornby Blue Spot fish van.



Finally, alongside the 16 tonner, this old coke wagon is undergoing the same sort of treatment.

Well it’s not a bad start!




3 responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. I knew there was merit and mileage in the Fish and CCT bro. Glad I’ve acquired a few while they’re on the shelves. They do take to distressing WELL!

  2. Dave, That weathering ius excellent and the Jumbo is a real treat, thank you for sharing these models, they are inspirational

  3. The 12 toner certainly hits the nail on the head. Nice work.

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