Waifs and Strays, Pt 1



An aspect of modelling that I increasingly enjoy today is finding an old model that needs upgraded. Particularly if it’s an old kitbuild.

A number of these have come into my possession of late and for very good prices. One such is this nice little J72 tank built from an old Ks kit. The builder has done a pretty good job and the chassis is free running.
Nonetheless as I model in EM it’ll get replaced with my standard High Level set up and a suitable etched chassis.
Initially a North Eastern Worsdell design, this simple, reliable design was also built by the LNER and amazingly, Darlington even turned some out for BR as late as 1951!
For some reason they proved popular in Scotland and they were sighted in places as distant as Kittybrewster, Glasgow and surprisingly Dumfries.


Also coming into my hands was this interesting model. All the more so because not only is it a successfully built DJH kit, but also because it is an example of are rare kit and a rare prototype.
It’s a Caledonian Railway 30 Class 0-6-0.
Essentially a superheated version of the standard McIntosh 0-6-0, only four where built before the design was modified into the 2-6-0 34 class.
My model has been well put together by the previous owner and it’ll almost be a shame to have to disrupt it with a re-gauging and re-paint.
That said, the repaint is going to be into Caledonian ‘saltire’ blue so it should hopefully scrub up exceptionally well. I suspect it won’t be the easiest of tasks to repaint but the end will, I hope, justify the means.
Another two of these mysterious denizens of the workbench shadows tomorrow…


One response to “Waifs and Strays, Pt 1”

  1. Apologies for the confusing text.
    The final paragraph appears to have been transposed to the top below the J72 photos.
    I’ll edit this tomorrow when I have access to my laptop.

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