A new batch of wagons



These are the first of some new wagons I’m building with a new project in mind. I’m just waiting for a couple of photographic permissions before I do a dedicated post.
Suffice to say that it’s a subject I’ve always had a notion for and there was a good chance that I was going to tackle the theme one day.
Some of you know about this project already so keep it to yourself just now, ta! 😊
Back to the wagons; we have a Parkside LNER plate wagon and two Chivers Kits; an LMS Long Low and a bolster wagon of similar origin.
The latter are a very easy build, even accommodating the slight adjustment in positioning the brakes for EM.
Just the sort of vehicles for carrying finished steel products… 😉


About maxstafford60093

Scotsman in exile. Lover of Scotland's railways, land, people and culture. Always got an ear for new and interesting music. Politically of the left and most definitely repelled by the shallow and narcissistic. An unlikely jazz-cat mod rocker with punk tendencies; a bit 1968, a bit 1977 with a distracting overdub of 1958... Most often found outdoors with my four legged buddy!
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