Another step forward.

A couple of hours’ work tonight sees the timberwork effects taken a bit further and decals applied.
The two ex-LMS vehicles had to have their decals created from various sources but this went fairly painlessly.
We’re nearly there with this trio!


4 responses to “Another step forward.”

  1. Hi Max timber looks great how did you do it and what did you use,please.

    1. What I do is use acrylics (Lifecolor weathered wood set). I put an initial base coat down then alternate with the supplied shades painting ransom planks. I also blend the basic shades for further variety. I then apply Mig powders, mainly ‘Industrial City Dirt’ and then use the same brand fixer.

      When all this is dry I then dry brush it with a light shade. You can seal it in with varnish if you wish after that.

      1. Thanks Max i will give it a try

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    Lovely wagons.

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