More wagons ready for service.







The three wagons I’ve been tackling this week are now complete and ready for service.
As sub-projects go I’ve got through these very quickly. Probably a good job, bearing in mind the number I’m going to need!


7 responses to “More wagons ready for service.”

  1. Now they are looking the part Dave, maybe just a little more weathered sootyness on the deck planking to blend them in, just a thought. I’ve got a few of these built and some actually finished. Do you remember me getting an LMS 0-6-0 dock tank many years ago? Still not finished but it could be if you need it for the the project.
    Keep up the good work on the wagons and you may inspire me to get on with mine….
    All the best,
    Dave Franks

  2. Thanks Dave. I think Polmadie and Corkerhill had a couple of those wee Fowlers so it could well be useful. I’ll probably do some of the additional vehicles with more sootiness on the planking in any case. Even as these ones are, they’ll provide a little contrast then. There will be variety in bodywork conditions too. As the bodywork on these vehicles isn’t too heavily marked and weathered I suppose we can argue for them not being so long post-overhaul. Some really messy ones will follow in due course!

    1. Dave, I think the Scottish Fowler dock tanks were usually found at Dalry Road and Ladyburn. Polmadie had “Beetlecrushers’ for dock work. I don’t know of any short wheelbase tanks shedded at Corkerhill. I hope that doesn’t cause any problems with “the project”.

      1. Shouldn’t really Pete. I suppose the odd one got ‘borrowed’ on occasion.
        Do you have any photos of the Beetlecrushers?

  3. No, sorry. I only ever saw one, I didn’t have a camera, and it was a long way away. There are pictures on the web (which I presume you will have found). Just in case you haven’t – the ones I’ve found are of 56154 and 56164 on Railscot, and 56166 in Gourock goods yard (before I was paying attention) on Flickr.

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