Ten Years since the end of the Travelling Post Office

Is it really ten years since I watched the last West Coast TPO roll to a stop in Carlisle Station in the wee hours?
This retweet from the NRM blog marks the recent anniversary.

2 responses to “Ten Years since the end of the Travelling Post Office”

  1. I remember posting letters through a slot on the side of a TPO carriage on the Postal, sitting in platform 11 at Glasgow Central.

  2. I worked for Royal Mail (I’m retired now) and, used to be on Crewe Station servicing the TPOs. God knows how many mail bags we unloaded/loaded during our shifts but, it was a great job! Not being certain now of the timings (it is a few years ago), there was the Down Special, Up Special, Manchester-Dover, later returning as the D-M, Peterbourgh-Crewe (and return),Holyhead-Crewe, (again a return), Down Special, York-Shrewsbury, Cardiff-Crewe (return),,,,.I’m sure there were one or two more I’ve forgotten but, a touch of Dementia makes me a bit forgetful! (There were also the thousands of bags we off loaded from the , seemingly endless, mail carrying trains that came into the Bays).

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