Additional items.

Some more items to add to the mox tonight.
First is the Sentinel 0-4-0 in the guise of the Kelso yard pilot; later relocated to Ayr. Model has been weathered and coaled £65 for this one.

Next is a Heljan 26/0, backdated to D5316 circa 1964 when she was a regular on Waverley Route Class 2 services. Modified with reinstated cab door droplights and interconnecting door relief. Correct leaf bolster springs and a nice weathering job. £85.





Lastly is the class 25/3 in weathered 2-tone green as used by Kingmoor in 1967-8.

5 responses to “Additional items.”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I’m interested in the Y1 if it’s still available, let me know your email addy and I’ll Paypal the 70 notes, unless anyone else has got I first?

  2. stewart mchaffie Avatar
    stewart mchaffie

    Hi Dave,
    If the 26 is still available I’ll take that off your hands .
    Stewart .

  3. Thanks Jon.
    Both were claimed very quickly after posting, sorry, but thanks for your interest.

  4. No worries, glad they found a home. Can I ask, when you were researching the Kelso sentinel, did you turn up any pictures of the other side? All those I’ve found on the web are of the same left side as your pictures, would be interesting to see both sides!

    1. I had the same problem as you, Jon!😃

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