2014, Year of the ‘Shelfie’ / Selfie

Some interesting ideas from the excellent Paul Marshall Potter in this piece with relation to space and presentation.

Albion Yard

'Shelfie' ‘Shelfie’

2013 was, we are told the year of the ‘selfie’, basically a self portrait taken with a smartphone or tablet and bunged on the interweb for millions to drool over. Interestingly there’s some research that shows that if you are looking at some kind of text on a web page or social networking service and there’s no image associated with the text, people have less trust toward that information.The picture of the photographer/author/subject is in effect a key to authenticity or belief in the information itself. That’s why I tend to put pictures on the blog. I can rabbit on as much as I like, but a picture speaks a thousand words, and if I’ve done something I can show I’ve done it, Even if its crap.

I’ve not had an update on here for a month or so now, so apologies for that, the blog has now had…

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