Here comes the sun…

And I say; it’s alright!
After the wettest, dreariest winter I can remember in my entire adult life I’m pleased to say that spring has sprung with a resounding boing! in these parts this week, resulting in the house and garden being reconfigured into ‘spring/summer’ mode with the garden furniture removed from the conservatory and returned to its rightful place.
This also means that we have the outside studio again and the latest emergees from ‘The Kennel’ can be displayed in the natural light that suits them so much better than what they receive indoors.
Expect more of this sort of thing from last year in the immediate future!




About maxstafford60093

Scotsman in exile. Lover of Scotland's railways, land, people and culture. Always got an ear for new and interesting music. Politically of the left and most definitely repelled by the shallow and narcissistic. An unlikely jazz-cat mod rocker with punk tendencies; a bit 1968, a bit 1977 with a distracting overdub of 1958... Most often found outdoors with my four legged buddy!
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