Broomloan Yard: The fag packet sketch


Finally, I could no longer avoid the elephant in the room (no cheap Jumbo related gags, please) and decided it was time that I tried to bring some substance to the Broomloan Yard project. First thing I’ve done was to rough up some sketches based on the track plan as observed from the aerial photograph I posted with the kind permission of the Urban Glasgow forum.
After a few ‘roughies’ I drew up this not-to-scale to provide a basic configuration that can be evaluated and developed as observations require. Already it’s been pointed out (thanks, Ian) that I will actually need two roads ‘under the wire’ as running round returned wagons might otherwise present a somewhat obvious (in hindsight!) problem for the shipyard loco.
Still, wee things like that are the reason we provide rough drawings for such projects; it minimises the risk of making an arse of yourself with the finished item!

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