Taking the B Road





Being in a position to do a bit of modelling without competing disrractions today I spent some tome in the shed. I’m suffering from some odd, possibly hayfever related mailaise this weekend so I didn’t fancy anything too demanding mentally.
I therefore thought I’d have a crack at one of the Dapol 35 t tank kits lurking in the wagon drawer.
I plan doing this one with Bill Bedford sprung axleguards and this meant some butchery underneath, carried out using the Proxxon and a milling tool set to 7000 rpm.
The first end was taken down a bit thin and I ended up cutting out part pf the solebar but no problem, easy to reinstate. Worked ok at the other end too though you have to remove parts of the internal framing to accommodate the BB units.
I’ll get these speung up then use a Brassmasters gauge to get the units square to each other next.





About maxstafford60093

Scotsman in exile. Lover of Scotland's railways, land, people and culture. Always got an ear for new and interesting music. Politically of the left and most definitely repelled by the shallow and narcissistic. An unlikely jazz-cat mod rocker with punk tendencies; a bit 1968, a bit 1977 with a distracting overdub of 1958... Most often found outdoors with my four legged buddy!
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5 Responses to Taking the B Road

  1. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    New ways of improving an old kit

  2. Dave Franks says:

    Will you be wanting Dowty’s or OLEO’s with that sir….

  3. Ah, Dave. You’re ahead of even yourself on this one.
    Watch the next exciting instalment coming up shortly!😊

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