An unexpected remembrance



Part of my current job involves driving around, checking railway access point and during the course of my final night shift this morning, I decided to check the access point at Quintinshill.
It was only upon arriving there I realised what the date was.
I have no idea what made me decide to go there this morning as it’s not a regular call but the least I could do as a devotee of The Caley and someone who tries to be a decent human being was pause and remember all those lost in the horror of that dreadful morning 99 years ago in the worst railway disaster to date in the British Isles.

Such a dreadful moment in history and from what we now know about the dreadful slaughter of Gallippoli, it seems as though these poor men were doomed either way, the moment they stepped aboard that train at Larbert.
Would it be too much to ask of our ‘Glorious Leaders’ to remember this sort of ‘rear echelon’ incident when they bang their celebration drums later this year…?

“My friend, you would not tell with such high zest… the old lie…”

Wilfred Owen.

2 responses to “An unexpected remembrance”

  1. Hopefully someone is on the case to arrange an appropriate commemoration next year, to mark 100 years?

  2. Lest we forget.

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