Assorted Oddments

This entry is dedicated to Willy McKnight and Steve Turnbull; two ‘good guys’ from the Scottish hobby that we lost this week. My thoughts are with their families and friends

Having finished the commissions mentioned in the previous post, I decided to crack on with a couple of projects of my own.
The first move was to complete the Cambrian Sturgeon and the BR Plate wagon conversion I’ve been working on since the spring.
The Sturgeon has a load of rail and though the plate has a couple of bits of dunnage on the deck, I haven’t done a plate load as yet.




I also set about two Bachmann Covhops, giving them a work stained appearance. It certainly lifts the overall grey of the wagons and provides a bit more depth.



You might remember also that I was working on one of the Dapol (nee Airfix) 35 ton tanks too. After some very careful work with my Proxxon multitool, I was able eventually to machine sufficient material from the small castings for the roller bearings without trashing them. This meant I had a proper rolling wagon and a properly functioning sprung suspension. On with the RT Models detail etches next!


At Perth, I bought a few small kits for road vehicles and a couple of pre-grouping goods wagons.

First vehicle I have almost completed is a rather nice Road Transport Images Ford Thames light truck. Only requiring a windscreen and wipers, this wee model is starting to take shape. It was nice to meet Frank Warner, RTI’s proprietor at Perth and I’ve since purchased another couple of vehicle kits from him.


I also visited the Caledonian Railway Association’s stand that day and acquired a couple of models from their new range of resin wagons and also a cast kit from their second hand sales. This was for a G&SWR box van. It’s an old White metal effort from the erstwhile Model wagon company. While it was a bit tricky to get square, I got there in the end and have also added a false floor to mount the Bill Bedford sprung guard irons.



Lastly I’ve been working on one of the Associations ‘RY Pickering’ coal traders.
It’s a nice, well detailed resin one piece casting which again, I’m fitting with Bill Bedford sprung axleguards and castings by Wizard model.
So far it runs in a beautifully smooth manner though it still needs the brakegear and buffers – perhaps The Talented Mr Franks can assist there? 😊



One response to “Assorted Oddments”

  1. RIP BIG WILLY. I had the pleasure of knowing you.



    my thoughts are with all concerned

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