There I was, about to tell you about the very nice etched parts I’ve used to upgrade the Dapol/Airfix 35 T tank. And very nice they are, RT Models did a great job. Unfortunately I failed to account for the fact that the tank should actually be facing 180 degrees in the opposite direction, meaning the ladders come down over the brake lever pivots! I guess when the whole thing’s painted black and the effects applied it’ll be less obvious but it’s one to watch out for in future builds of these vehicles.

Never mind, it’ll give the experts in smoky private dens and Hell of a Windbagger – type places something to feel smug about when they’re not playing at amateur espionage. 😉


12 responses to “Oops!”

  1. Easily done! On the upside (for everyone else!) , I’m sure others will appreciate you sharing it so that they learn and (in my case) make whole new mistakes of their own.

    1. I’ll be getting a reputation as a dangerous international errorist! 😄

      1. Second attempt at commenting! I wouldn’t have known unless you told me (as you have!). Yours looks much, much better than the one I made (but it probably was 50 years ago). Have the kits really been around so long?

    1. I know. Made an arse of it! What will the experts think? 😉

  2. Have any ‘experts’ noticed yet????

  3. Oh, I forgot to say – we all make mistakes.
    Patronise, patronise.

  4. I can’t say I’ve noticed though the sizzling in my ears suggests there’s a bit of clackin’ goin’ on in their wee private ludge. I’m too busy putting my life to constructive use to care in a’ honesty.
    Box of bits has just arrived by the way so ta!

  5. Good, good.
    P.S. still can’t get to the club due to the Games.

  6. Aye, so I hear. I’ll not say too much about the East End Cycling zone as I kinda like playing about on two wheels myself! 😊

  7. Bodies back to front, brake gear upside down, even soldered a tender chassis together inside out once. Sometimes I correct them, sometimes I don’t. Bloody annoying though.

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