a coffee shop with a tale to tell (St Enoch Subway Station ticket office and company offices, Glasgow, UK)

Excellent piece on one of Glasgow’s wee railway gems. I’m aware things have been a wee bit sparse of late on the blog but I’m steering my life through a period of major, though positive transition right now. That said, I’m piling up some blog-able material and service will resume in a matter of days. Stay on this channel and await further information. 🙂

The Beauty of Transport

Matters Scottish are much on the minds of those of us in the UK this week because tomorrow the people of Scotland will vote on whether they wish the country to become independent, or whether to stay within the UK. As such, a trip to see one of Scotland’s transport beauties seems thoroughly in order, so it’s off to the great city of Glasgow.

When the Glasgow District Subway Company built a head office, they did so in wildly extravagant style. This was, after all, only the third underground metro in the world, opening in 1896. Not for the Glasgow District Subway Company the great offices of the Great Western Railway at Paddington, or the North Eastern Railway at York, though. No, for the Glasgow District Subway Company, the tiny building which still stands on St Enoch Square was more than adequate.

By Ed Webster [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons St Enoch Subway Station’s old ticket office and Glasgow District Subway…

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