A Railway Re-born (part 1)

Re-blogged from the WRHA.
A series of photographs showing the inexorable return of the iron road to the Scottish Borders.
I would never have believed this possible twenty years ago but today it is again possible to photograph a train with Lady Victoria Colliery as a backdrop.
At last, one of the biggest wrongs of a London-controlled national transport policy is being righted. New railways are truly one of the great success stories of our Holyrood Parliament.
Whilst I don’t as yet see a convincing economic case for re-opening all the way to Carlisle ( though it would be a highly useful diversion and charter route), I am convinced we will see trains to Melrose, St Boswells and Hawick again by 2025. It’s nice to dream of things considered impossible even a few short years ago.


One response to “A Railway Re-born (part 1)”

  1. Dave, very impressive litttle motor under the J39. The Clayton looks much better than the real thing.

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