London Road Models NBR ‘R’ Class

I’ve been asked by a friend to build one of these kits.
In truth, this is the first wholly etched kit I’ve had the bottle to tackle but so far, not too bad.
The loco kit is an old Ian Rice design from the late 1980s and this is reflected in the nature of it.
That said, it’s not been too difficult this far though tonight I’ve had fun fitting the fiddlier parts of the footplate.
That malt in the background was needed by the end! 😄



Anyway, that’s the footplate complete and the rest of the bodywork will follow in due course.
I think I need to have a long hard look at my soldering techniques though; messy doesn’t come near!

I’ve also made a start on the chassis, attaching spacers to each frame. I’m taking this part in baby steps though as the chassis is designed for compensation (suspension of sorts for my non-modelling readers!)
This is something else I’ve never tried before so laxative will be redundant round here for a bit!
Another steep learning curve but hopefully one rewarded with more success than Jackie Baillie’s elocution teacher. 😉

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