Parallel Lines

Since it was the weekend, I’ve taken a little time out from the R Class to advance a project that’s been waiting in the wings a long time. The second kit I built after entering the builders’ world properly in 2009 was an Alexander Models J27 0-6-0. I do have a soft spot for the northern end of the NE region, particularly in the DeathSteam* era and as these machines were in right at the end, they occupy as special place in my affections. It’s a matter of record that it was intended for the NE Region to operate the last of these machines into 1968 but changing and declining traffic patterns meant that there was sufficient diesel traction to finish the job by September 1967; pretty much a year ahead of schedule.
I had originally sold this model on a couple of years back but an original intention to re-do the chassis for the new owner stalled (sorry Tom!) and I eventually bought the model back. As it transpired I’m glad I did because I really liked the loco but for one thing; the original chassis was pretty underweight and the frame too appeared to stop short of the footplate in a visually jarring manner.
Having since converted to EM, I took this opportunity to use the 52F Models chassis underneath.
Tonight I worked through sheet one, assembling the gearbox, setting up the frames and attaching the footplate support brackets. I even managed to install the hornblocks without trouble.
It’s not a bad days’ work at all and a test fit to the loco hinted at the great aesthetic improvement this chassis makes to the model.
I’m a big fan of Pete’s kits and the ease with which this one is going together bodes well, both for the wee stash of NB kits I’ve got waiting and for any future Caley-inspired kits.
If this is the future of my kit building then it’s so bright I gotta wear shades! 😊




*DeathSteam – a ‘SteamPunk’-esque post-modern generic term for the 1965-8 later BR transition era where steam locos began to look really rough and unkempt.
Ian Pritchard is credited with coining the phrase in one of his less sober moments…


2 responses to “Parallel Lines”

  1. Hi Dave
    Welcome to retiring away from a job run by the worst man(sorry, people) managers ever!!! I’ve been lucky to enter Pete’s inner sanctum and see his CADwork. I am not surprised at how easy you are getting on with his kit,the design work is superb and so well thought out, and the instructions that come with are second to none.As always loving your output, welcome to a new life!


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